News 10:11 November 2019:

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Everyone is striving to be on twitter and express themselves in 140 characters, unlike other sites where there is no limit. That makes it all sweet and interesting.  With this, you can generate your ideas as much as possible without shame. People like short and precise statements as the timeline refresh over and over again. Ideally, it’s a task been a newbie on twitter. In the past, people struggled real hard to make it to the top or even gain followers.

Do you want to tweet like a champ?

There is no need to worry and hassle when it comes to twitter nowadays.  You ought to be cautious again not to be reported as a spam by other users. Sending a few tweets a day and making sure they are not promotional in nature is the way to go. Accompanying these tweets with some automatic twitter likes will generate more followers on your way. People like interesting things and a real identity thus, increasing chances of getting more and more twitter likes.

Make sure to follow people you find interesting and those that might be interested in you too.  A follow for follow on twitter increases the chances of more twitter likes. Also, you get exposed to other people who are potential followers, and finally an increase in your number of followers.