Tips for Interacting with your Periscope Followers

News 06:12 December 2019:

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A lot of people have said it, and it is true so far; periscope is the biggest thing on social media at the moment. Everyone can live stream anything to their followers using the live broadcast platform created by twitter. It is hard though to communicate or interact with anyone without periscope followers. So, before everything else, create an account and tell people you are on periscope. If you sell a service or a product, start using periscope to promote it.

However, the key to being successful on periscope is to stay interactive with your followers. Immediately you broadcast something on the platform, people will begin to leave comments and give you hearts. From there, reply to their comments. Also, ensure that you replay your broadcast several more times to increase more viewers. And closely related, always get the stats of your broadcast to help you know how to improve your content. Learn how many people watched, how many hearts you got, and then start bettering your posts. Periscope is owned by twitter, and hence you can also share your broadcasts on the platform for a bigger audience. In any case, most of your periscope followers are more likely to be your twitter followers.