Tips for Interacting with your Periscope Followers

A lot of people have said it, and it is true so far; periscope is the biggest thing on social media at the moment. Everyone can live stream anything to their followers using the live broadcast platform created by twitter. It is hard though to communicate or interact with anyone without periscope followers. So, before everything else, create an account and tell people you are on periscope. If you sell a service or a product, start using periscope to promote it.

However, the key to being successful on periscope is to stay interactive with your followers. Immediately you broadcast something on the platform, people will begin to leave comments and give you hearts. From there, reply to their comments. Also, ensure that you replay your broadcast several more times to increase more viewers. And closely related, always get the stats of your broadcast to help you know how to improve your content. Learn how many people watched, how many hearts you got, and then start bettering your posts. Periscope is owned by twitter, and hence you can also share your broadcasts on the platform for a bigger audience. In any case, most of your periscope followers are more likely to be your twitter followers.

Is Instagram Right for My Business?

There are many different social media sites out there, each competing for your marketing dollars and your business’s account. Yet, these pages are not always easily understood and some seem more outside of the box than others when it comes to business promotions. Instagram is often seen as a page that may be better left for personal pages rather than business. The truth is, though, that these pages are just as vital to businesses as they are for personal reasons.

Those that have an Instagram account for their business know that pictures can really connect with users. This is especially true when it comes to emotion. As such, individuals who want to make sure that they get the most from their pages can get a lot of traction from their free followers and their free likes and it can turn every post and share into a potential profit for the business. If you have an enterprise, business, or other organization, then, it is vital that you have an account on Instagram. It can only diversify your social presence and continue to drive sales.

Read the Reviews: Choosing a Likes Provider

If you have a social media page, chances are that you have been contacted by someone or have seen an advertisement that speaks to the need for their services. From purchasable likes to automatic shares to instant favorites, these companies can provide a wealth of amazing services for your businesses. Yet, if you are going to choose these providers to go beyond your free likes and free followers, then, consider what is needed in order that you get the most from your money.

Service providers need to be vetted. One of the ways that you can do this most effectively to ensure that you are working with a company that will work for you is to really look at their reviews. Take a look at the information that others share about their experience. If these are not readily available, be sure to ask for referrals. While third party reviews are likely to be the most unbiased, a referral can give you an immense amount of information to help you get the most from your page and make sure that you are getting on track toward success in partnering with a provider.

Be the Best on Social Media: Strategizing is Key

When it comes to building your following in business, it is essential today to have a website. It is equally as important that individuals who want to gain an online presence build a following through social media. Social media provides a great way to gain a presence and following that is second to none and for little to no cost. That is why more and more individuals are turning toward social media as a way to gain free followers and free likes for a business. But, as with anything, it is important for individuals to turn toward a strategy rather than doing it all on their own.

A strategy in social media is often under-utilized. It is near an afterthought rather than an area of focused comprehension. This can hurt a business in the long run as an incoherent message does little more than send mixed signals to a growingly sophisticated audience. Therefore, if you are planning on running a social media page for business, then, be sure that you put some thought and effort into it. The result can be of great benefit to you and to your business.

Edit Display Names on Snapchat

For the period you have been using the Snapchat social networking app, you must have come across friends and Snapchat followers who have confusing display names. This makes it hard for you to remember such names with ease. If this has been a problem for you, you need not to worry anymore because it is now possible to change your friends’ display names on your Snapchat account. Currently, it is possible for users to change such display names at any given time. So, how is this done?

  • Once you have your Snapchat app in the camera view, you should swipe downwards on the screen to display the contacts screen.
  • From the contacts screen, you should tap on ‘my friends’ option and search for the friend’s name you would like to alter.
  • Tap on the name and then tap on the settings icon.
  • You should then select the ‘edit name’ option and change it to whatever you want.

Editing the display names of your Snapchat followers and friends will make it easier for you to remember them in the future.


Everyone is striving to be on twitter and express themselves in 140 characters, unlike other sites where there is no limit. That makes it all sweet and interesting.  With this, you can generate your ideas as much as possible without shame. People like short and precise statements as the timeline refresh over and over again. Ideally, it’s a task been a newbie on twitter. In the past, people struggled real hard to make it to the top or even gain followers.

Do you want to tweet like a champ?

There is no need to worry and hassle when it comes to twitter nowadays.  You ought to be cautious again not to be reported as a spam by other users. Sending a few tweets a day and making sure they are not promotional in nature is the way to go. Accompanying these tweets with some automatic twitter likes will generate more followers on your way. People like interesting things and a real identity thus, increasing chances of getting more and more twitter likes.

Make sure to follow people you find interesting and those that might be interested in you too.  A follow for follow on twitter increases the chances of more twitter likes. Also, you get exposed to other people who are potential followers, and finally an increase in your number of followers.

Do Musicians Need A Snapchat Account?

As an artist, you must be very keen on marketing your music. While snapchat is an online social media platform, it can of great help in this regard. The primary users of this platform, who can also become your snapchat followers, are the young adults, between the age of 15 and 25 years. Currently, this platform posts over 400 million snaps in a day. This shows how busy and engaging the platform can be. Although having a snapchat account is more of a personal choice. Musicians have a lot of benefits to reap from such accounts.

As a musician, you main aim on this platform should be establishing a following for your music. You can do this by posting stories as well as live events on this social media platform constantly. This will in turn attract Snapchat followers to your account and eventually increase followers to your music. This is very important for the musicians who are looking for the best way to boost their popularity.